The Ultimate Wedding Makeup Guide For Brown Eyes

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Congratulations on the big day that’s around the corner. For a very long time, and ever since you were a little girl, you have been planning your make-belief weddings, and now that the time has come, you are almost there to begin a new life.

Keeping in mind the Indian skin tone and the eyes so brown, we would want you to be a shining diva sans the shimmery-glossy and the over-the-top effect. Here are ten steps on getting that natural look for an elegant bridal touch, and the regime doesn’t take more than half an hour to doll up in, we promise.

Wedding Makeup For Brown Eyes

The touch of Caramels is a fascinating look for sure, and Indian brides should now ditch the black eyeliners. Even the white and shimmering blue stencils are so last century. And should you be having a monsoon wedding, reddish-caramel touches to the eyes with brown hues are the best to flaunt.

Why The Caramel Look?

To begin with, the look is very versatile and irrespective of the wedding religious clan you belong to and the bridal trousseau you would wear, the caramel touch would blend for the day or night wedding, and all through the rainy times too.

Hot pink lips with caramel eyes (or you can even add plum shades to your lips too) would blend in well with the bridal trousseau and be a sure shot head turner as well. Without much ado, let’s show you how to make the caramelish touch come through for your big day.

Step 1

With the help of a cleanser, a herbal one preferably, wash your face and dab a few drops of it with cotton on your skin. After this is done, pat dry and use herbal toners with a cotton swab to dab all over the face. If you have dry skin, nourish it with a moisturizer and wait a minute for it to soak and set.

Step 2

After about a minute, you now should take a little cotton and wipe the remnants of the moisturizer. Take your foundation and a drop or two of it would be enough to dab onto the forehead, the face, and the cheekbones first. The matte foundation should be blended well into the skin very gently, for an even and a smooth look to form. Contour the forehead and get the area under the eyelids dabbed well. While doing the under eyes, look at the ceiling so that better blending happens. Don’t ignore the sides of your nose, the lip lines and the portions behind the ears, and the neck as well. Now is the time to use a damp sponge and to blend all over the face, the neck, behind the ears and around the lips for a final smooth look.

Step 3

Let’s work on the eyes, shall we? With the help of a yellow or white highlighter, the brow area needs to be touched first with a stroke of highlighter. The shade should be touched just once and very gently to form the base. Blend the shade into the brow bone on both eyes, and wait for a couple of seconds for it to set.

Step 4

Take the lightest brown shade and colour the socket of the upper eyes, one at a time. To do so, one should first focus with gentle strokes on the outer eye corner and then go towards the inside of the eyes. Culminate around the inner eye corner and repeat on the other eye, the same way as mentioned.

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Step 5

Get to the upper lash line and use a brown stencil to give a half stroke and a very light touch to the area here.

Step 6

Get to the lower lash line, and for both your eyes, use two strokes of the brown stencil and line them well and thick.

Step 7

Use a red liner or a red stencil pencil and get the water lines of the eyes, up and down, with a stroke each to colour them one at a time.

Step 8

Use an eyeshadow brush that would help you blend the colours of the lash line and the water line, the red and brown stencil strokes for the upper and lower eyelids. To do this, one should start from the eye socket, get to the crease, and then to the outer corner of the eyes. Now, from the outer corner, blend inwards and to the crease, then to the socket, and finish at the inner corner of the eyes. In short, you start from the middle and then to the left, and from the left to the middle and then to the right!

Step 9

The final touch of brown for a caramel look is what you should do now, and just one last stroke for the upper and lower lash lines would be enough.

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Step 10

For the lips, start with lining the lips with a pink pencil. The outer rims, once done, would tell you how much you would need to use inside the lips. With the help of a brush, dab a little shimmer powder in the middle portion of the lips. And now apply lipgloss or lipstick in pink or matching your ensemble (matte shades). Blend it well so that the lip lining isn’t seen. This would bring about a pouty look!

Here ends the perfect wedding makeup tutorial for brown eyes! To seal the look, sprinkle a little rose water onto the face and the look would last all night.

Additional Tips

Focusing on the water line and the lash line is a must, or else the bridal look, whose main focus is the eyes, wouldn’t come out as desired. Keep the lips matte, or else they would contrast and shine more than the eyes, which makes the eyes dull and sad!

Have fun at your wedding, and remember to make heads turn!

Hope you liked this wedding makeup for brown eyes. Do share your ideas if you have any, by commenting in the box below.

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