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Yes, we can do it! You may have seen the rockabilly woman talk about the feminist rant and strength of being at par with her male counterparts. But we aren’t here to lecture you on feminism; rather we would talk about the rockabilly makeup – a look so hot and haute, it would stun your world around.

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Grab Eyeballs

The best part of having the rockabilly makeup is that it stuns the world around, and you get to look like an adorable porcelain doll too. In addition to that, there is always an edgy look to flaunt that is quite deadly, we say. It flatters your feminine features, and you tend to look quite girly too.

Welcome Back Curves

The rockabilly makeup flaunts your curves, and also brings about the skinny jean looks with black and red combo makeup too. You can get quirky with your ensemble, wear ballerinas or flat platform shoes, get a little more funky with your hair, and bring back the good old forties look too.

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Aspects Of The Rockabilly Makeup Look Defined

Let’s now take a look and learn a little more about how to do rockabilly makeup.

  1. The look is that of a porcelain doll; the eye makeup needs to be strong and the lips, a dominant red shade. The look should be that of a stern ‘I want it, and I know how to get it’.
  1. Start by using a moisturizer on your face and the neck, which helps keep the look long-lasting. To achieve a flawless look, you would need a reputed foundation, which would spread across the face, the lids and the neck, evenly.
  1. Once the foundation has been applied well, go ahead and use a translucent powder across the facial surface. Keep in mind to achieve the porcelain look – you need to use tones that are one or two shades lighter than that of the face.
  1. Coming to the eyes, we would need the thickness for the upper lashes, and that can be done using branded eyeliners or a pencil. Start from the inner corners, all the way to the outside corner of the eyes. Be on the lash line when you use the pencil and apply a little loose powder to secure the look; no smudging allowed! The lower lid should be left untouched, which brings the vintage glam look.

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  1. Mascara, of course, would be your BFF for the rockabilly makeup. Use a volumizing mascara to bring out the battling of the eyelids, quite the girly way. For this, you would need a double or a triple coat of mascara for the lashes – only on the lash ends and not the full lash, or else they would clump!
  1. For the lips, as mentioned, they would be defined and bold – choose a deep dark blood red for the lips. The inner portion needs to be soft. Thus, contouring the lips would help, and filling the insides with the colour would be the recommended way.
  1. The hair should be the 40’s way- elaborate, quirky and fun. Using a lot of pins for the neat updos and the ponytail look is the norm. The rockabilly makeup is of trendy colours and funky styles. And you really wouldn’t have to try too hard to bring on that look.

Most women prefer the checks or flannel skirts with the rockabilly makeup. However, you can be chic in your own presentation too. We hope you loved this rockabilly makeup tutorial, as much as we loved showing this to you on how to bring the rockabilly makeup chick look! Have fun and yes, WE CAN DO IT!

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