20 Amazing Short Wedding Dresses

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A princess-like wedding dress that twirls perfectly is what most bridal-dress-dreams are made up of. We agree, but if your dream is to show off those sexy calf muscles and try something different, hmmmm girl, I already like the sound of it. However, if you had a long gown in mind, do check out this catalog on short wedding dress ideas before finalizing your wedding outfit – you may decide to jump ship!

1. Satin T-Length Wedding Dress

For the stylish bride in you, here’s a T-length dress you cannot say no to. The soft satin strapless bodice that has a sweetheart neckline and a thin band that cinches at the waist is simply breathtaking. If you still haven’t noticed, it is the high-low hemline with the perfectly accentuated trail that steals the show.

2. Lace Short Wedding Dress WIth Boat Neck

3. Lace Dress WIth Boat Neck
Image: Instagram

Simple but impactful. If you are planning a summer outdoor wedding and minimalistic defines your style, then this dress is a perfect fit for you. Bridal designers say that plus size brides tend to shy away from wearing short dresses, but with a little nudge, they can slay it in style.

3. Satin T-length Dress With Illusion Neckline

4. Satin T-length Dress With Illusion Neckline
Image: Instagram

Conservative meets contemporary. If you want to move a little away from the traditional bridal look and try something modern (but also want to retain the traditional elements), here’s a dress that does just that for you. The sweetheart bodice with the illusion neckline, the satin waistband, and the hemline that stops near the calf give it a modern touch while the pleated skirt keeps it rooted.

4. Short Vintage Lace Dress

5. Short Vintage Lace Dress
Image: Instagram

A short lace dress is ideal for any bride who has vintage on her mind. The long sleeves complement the broad ‘V’ neckline perfectly.

5. Floral T-Length Wedding Dress

6. Floral T-Length Wedding Dress
Image: Instagram

Just in case you didn’t know, the bridal catalogs for 2018 are already out, and with a bang. This white floral dress is by Naeem Khan, who knows it all when it comes to bridal gowns. This dress makes you fall in love with floral all over again. I cannot think of a better neckline than the sweetheart neckline for this one.

6. Ivory Brocade T-Length Wedding Dress

7. Ivory Brocade T-Length Wedding Dress
Image: Instagram

If you want a vintage dress, we have that too. The deep V neck, the well-fitted bodice, and the brocade hemline makes this dress old school glamorous. Also, did you notice the pockets?

7. Short Wedding Dress In Tulle

8. Short Wedding Dress In Tulle
Image: Instagram

Modern, chic and elegant – a dress that ticks off all boxes for the contemporary bride. The sweetheart neckline and bodice covered in polka dots in lace fabric brings in a quirky vibe, while the tulle portion of it screams modern. Finish this outfit with a lace veil.

8. Short Backless Chiffon Dresses

9. Short Backless Chiffon Dresses
Image: Instagram

Are you planning a beach wedding with limited guests, or just want to try something more modern? Perfect, here’s a backless dress for the fashionista in you. The dress is well balanced and elegant. With a satin neckline and spaghetti strap sleeves, this one is a stunner. The polka dots on the chiffon fabric add a hint of drama to the dress.

9. Short Lace Dress And A Satin Overcoat

10. Short Lace Dress And A Satin Overcoat
Image: Instagram

By now, it is established that lace dresses are an obvious first choice for most brides, but choosing short dresses is taking the slightly off-beat road. So, if you are looking to beat that too, here’s something for you. A satin swing coat just like this one adds an old world charm to your dress.

10. Knee Length Short Wedding Dress

11. Knee Length Wedding Dress
Image: Instagram

If you want to break all stereotypes and go for a dress that is not necessarily an obvious choice but a stunner, go with a short lace dress to show off those legs and your great sense of style. The bodice, the waistline, and the hemline are balanced to the T, and the satin piping marries it all. Perfect choice for petite brides.

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11. Short Wedding Dress With A Trial

12. Short Wedding Dress With A Trial
Image: Instagram

A short dress with a trial? Yes, you got that right. If you have always been offbeat and adventurous with your style statements, do that for your wedding too. A dress that is not white for starters and is short is something you cannot say no to. The light yet bouncy ruffles, bows, and flowers all over will have all jaws dropping.

12. Floral Embroidered Dress With Boatneck

13. Floral Embroidered Dress With Boatneck
Image: Instagram

Floral, if treated well, can be breathtaking and sweep anyone off their feet. If sleeveless or strapless is not your cup of tea, here’s a dress that gives you best of both the worlds. The sweetheart neckline, the sheer illusion boatneck, and the cap sleeves provide the strapless effect while giving you coverage.

13. Ivory Colored Short Wedding Dress In Dotted Lace

14. Ivory Colored Short Dress In Dotted Lace
Image: Instagram

The old school high neck bodice meets a dotted lace skirt with applique work. This is both dreamy and beautiful. It will make you look like a vintage bride.

14. Jacket Style Off-White Dress

15. Jacket Style Off-White Dress
Image: Instagram

A Jacket style dress might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of wedding dresses, but think about it, and then take a good look at this. If you are getting married in a countryside church, or planning a ranch theme, or maybe going for a Victorian appeal, this dress will suit all occasions.

15. Off-Shoulder Short Wedding Dress With Lace Sleeves

16. Off-Shoulder Short Wedding Dress With Lace Sleeves
Image: Instagram

Satin, lace and off-shoulder – all of them scream chic. Need I say more? Go with this and take people’s breath away.

16. Straight Cut Off-White T-length Dress By Monique Lhuillier

17. Straight Cut Off-White T-length Dress By Monique Lhuillier
Image: Instagram

If you’ve been watching TLC or scouting for bridal dresses, you already know Monique Lhuillier. To wear her dresses is a dream for most brides. Here’s one that justifies all the dreams. An impeccably stylish straight cut T-length dress in applique lace with noodle straps and a hemline that marries it all from the knee below. I think you should look no further than this.

17. Short Wedding Dress In Tulle

18. Short Wedding Dress In Tulle
Image: Instagram

A dress for the true tulle lover. Well-defined but straightforward, this dress adds definition to the body with its asymmetrical cut, ruffles, and the off-shoulder sleeves that run over the sweetheart neckline.

18. Short Maternity Wedding Dresses

Dresses in lace with waistbands are a popular choice for brides with a bump. But, short may not be the first choice; so, if you are thinking what I’m thinking, your choices are limitless. You can go for a dress that’s off-shoulder, cold-shoulder, with a sweetheart neckline, with cap sleeves, or strapless – they all look equally ravishing and complement your bump. But, if you pay attention, the waistband is something that most of these dresses have in common – and is there for a reason. So, give it a shot.

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19. Pink Asymmetrical Short Wedding Dress In Tulle

19. Pink Asymmetrical Wedding Dress In Tulle
Image: Instagram

If there’s one color you can choose for your wedding dress apart from white, what would it be? Will it be a subtle shift to off-white or peach, or a shocking change into something more dramatic? If you want to go all-out while shifting gears, here’s a pink ruffle dress that is short at the front and has a super long trail. This one will redefine all the definitions of whimsical, but for all the right reasons.

20. Asymmetrical Applique Lace Cut Bridal Dress

20. Asymmetrical Applique Lace Cut Bridal Dress
Image: Instagram

This catalog had to end with something as breathtaking as this one. The high-low skirt will dance along with you as you sway in your husband’s arms and leave everyone in happy tears. Matte white pumps and a floral veil with a chignon updo will bring it all together.

Saying yes to the short dress is the second most important decision you will make after deciding to say ‘I do’ to your would-be husband. And, we know that it is not an easy one to make. We thought we’d do our bit to make it easy for you. Let us know which one is your favorite from our catalog. Leave us a text in the comment section below.

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