How to make Makeup last longer on Oily skin?

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Oily skin comes with a lot of benefits – less wrinkles, less fine lines and your skin stays naturally moisturized. But everything has a good and a bad side. You will find it difficult to choose the right makeup products and the biggest problem is not being able to keep the makeup on for long.

Our article today will explains long lasting makeup tips for oily skin.

Long Lasting Makeup for Oily Skin

  • Exfoliation: Exfoliation is definitely important but excessive exfoliation can lead to excessive oil production. So mild exfoliation is always advised for oily skin.
  • Preparing the skin: The first thing is to cleanse the skin. You need to cleanse the pores and get rid of oil and dirt. This will help your makeup stay longer.
  • Closing of pores: People with Oily skin find their makeup products caking up on the skin surface and clogging the pores leading to ugly breakouts. For this it’s important to tone the skin to partially close down the pores after cleansing.
  • Moisturizing: Moisturize the skin with an oil free, non-cream based moisturizer. Use a sunscreen which moisturizes the skin with a SPF 15 or above. Before buying a sunscreen, always look for Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide in the ingredients since they have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Primer: If you want your makeup to stay on for longer than 5 hours on your face without smearing or withering off, then you must start your base by applying a matte primer. It will help your makeup to stick firmly on the face for longer hours.

LAYING THE MAKEUP: Once your base is ready, let me explain the precise ways of how a makeup artist does his/her magic to make Makeup stay longer:

  • The right concealer selection: For concealer always goes for stick concealer and blend with ring finger tip rather than with makeup brushes or sponges. Never go for oil based liquid concealer. You can even go for spot corrector concealer pens.
  • The right foundation selection- Selection of the right long lasting foundation for oily skin would mean selecting something without the oil or fragrance.
  • Right Application Technique for oily skin: For oily skin it’s best to apply foundation with a foundation brush since it helps you to cover those pores precisely and makes makeup stay longer. For dark spots, it’s best to use the tip of your ring finger. Avoid makeup sponges.
  • Eye shadow application: People with oily skin should go for powder eye shadows rather than cream palettes.
  • The right Applicator: It’s best to use a brush for eye shadow application as it gently and fully covers the tiny pores on and around the eye lid. So shadow stays on pores and sticks better to skin.
  • Blush Application: If you want a rosy glow, then use a big blush brush and powder blush.
  • Avoid stick or mousse blush: Stick blush will not blend in well or stay long on oily skin. Mousse blush can make your skin even oilier.
  • No shiny lipstick: A glossy lipstick can make your skin look oilier even when it is not. Oily skinned people should always go for matte finish lipsticks. Pat on some translucent powder after lipstick application.
  • Lipgloss: If you want to use one, always use it on the center of the lower and upper lips. It will give you the gloss effect without the shine defect!
  • Do not forget to remove makeup before going to bed. If you are careless in this department then your pores will remain clogged throughout the night. Oil glands do not sleep. They will keep producing oil and since pores are clogged, you may get pimples and acne.

By now the clutter you had in mind on how to make makeup last longer on oily skin might have been solved. Hope you will keep these simple tips in mind and have a great Makeup experience every time!

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