15 Exciting Spring Activities For Kids

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Entertaining kids is not an easy task, especially when they don’t have school? They can get up to all kinds of mischief, some of which won’t leave you smiling benevolently. So, if you are struggling with some activity ideas to keep them entertained and busy, don’t fret! We at Momjunction, are here to help!

We round up a list of spring activities for kids that are guaranteed to entertain them; some of them are DIYS and some of them require bits and bobs from around your house.

15 Fun Spring Activities For Kids:

1. Giant Knots & Crosses:

Your backyard and a couple of sheets, boxes and scotch tape, and you are all set. Now all you need is an object for the knots and crosses.

2. Twister – A Classic:

This fool proof activity is a great laugh and helps your kids develop balancing skills, be a little daring, join your kids for one round!

3. DIY Water Slide:

Spring Activities For Kids - DIY Water Slide
Image: IStock

Make a water slide in your backyard:

You Will Need:

  • A camping tarp
  • A garden hose
  • A bottle of shampoo

How To:

  1. Spread the tarp over a small slope, hang the garden hose over a clothesline (something that gives you a good angle from above).
  1. Ensure the hose is in place; squirt some shampoo over the trap to make it slippery
  1. Let the fun begin

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4. Tug ‘o’ War:

Spring Activities For Kids - Tug ‘o’ War
Image: Shutterstock

Again one of the classic spring activities for children, played between 2 kids or even 2 teams.

5. Balloon Dartboard:

Spring Activities For Kids - Balloon Dartboard
Image: Shutterstock

Parents, you can play this too! Blow up balloons, staple them to a board, get some darts and start aiming.

6. In-house Bowling:

All you need is a soft sponge ball and plastic bottles or toilet paper rolls as pins – easy peasy.

7. Obstacle Course:

Spring Activities For Kids - Obstacle Course
Image: Shutterstock

An all time favourite is creating a fun obstacle course either in the yard or inside. You can make it using hoola hoops, ladders, rope, buckets, boards, and furniture – just be creative! Make sure they don’t hurt themselves, and let them have fun.

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8. The Treasure Hunt:

Spring Activities For Kids - The Treasure Hunt
Image: Shutterstock

This spring activity for kids will also keep them occupied for a while. Make clues and notes in and around the garden, and let them bring out their inner detectives. Reward the winner with a cookie.

9. Future Quarterbacks:

Spring Activities For Kids - Future Quarterbacks
Image: IStock

For the activity, take a tarp, cut squares of different sizes, line them with colorful tape, and mark each square with different points. Take a ball of any kind, and let your kids throw it through the squares and make the highest points!

10. Paper Boats and Planes:

Spring Activities For Kids - Paper Boats and Planes
Image: Shutterstock

Does this take you back to your childhood? Create paper planes, fly them around, or even paper boats that can actually float!

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11. Ring Toss:

Spring Activities For Kids - Ring Toss
Image: Shutterstock

Just like a carnival, get some stands and of course, rings. To make it more exciting, use glow in the dark bands as rings!

12. DIY Mini Golf:

You Will Need:

  • Some golf clubs
  • Some golf balls (or any ball that is as small)
  • Thick paper cups
  • Tape

How To:

  1. Use the cups, as holes and the tape them to the ground to hold them down.
  1. To make it more fun, add obstacles with various objects.

13. Rainbow Toast?!

It is totally edible, and totally safe.

  • Take some milk, add food coloring to it, and mix and stir.
  • You can use as many colors as you want, or you can even mix colors. Take a paintbrush, dip it in the coloured milk, and paint your toast! We recommend using white bread so you can see the colors clearly.

14. Painting With Trucks:

Spring Activities For Kids - Painting With Trucks
Image: IStock

Quick and easy, the activity just involves your kid’s toy trucks, paper, and paint. Let the kids dip the truck wheels in paint and show them how to create colourful tracks and funky color blends.

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15. Fun With Eggs:

Spring Activities For Kids - Fun With Eggs
Image: Shutterstock

Here is one of the funniest spring break activities for kids which involves painting with eggs! Take a butter knife to crack open an eggshell. Drain the yolk and pour some paint into the eggshell. Once you fill the empty shell with paint, seal with them tissue paper and glue. Then, take a blank canvas and let your kids go crazy with egg tossing to create masterpieces!

We hope these boredom busters helped in planning your kids’ spring break. Let us know which ones your kids enjoyed the most!

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