Top 15 Baby Boy Names Around The World

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Naming your child is something you want to do very carefully, as it stays with him forever. It is natural for you to search for a name that is unique, memorable and has great meaning to it.

MomJunction will help you in selecting a name for your bundle of joy. Here is the list of the most popular baby boy names around the world. Go through it before you pick one for your son.

15 Best Baby Boy Names Around The World:

1. Ronan:

Irish baby boy names are unique and cool, without being over the top or hard to spell. Most of the names show up on the list of popular baby names. Ronan is one of our favorite Irish baby names. Its meaning is ‘little seal’.

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2. Hugo:

Thanks to celebs like Enrique Iglesias and Javier Bardem, Spanish names have become hotter than ever. These names are familiar not just in Spanish speaking countries like Argentina and Mexico, but also in the US. Hugo means ‘intelligent’.

3. Giovanni:

Italian names are not just masculine, but full of meaning and culture. These lovely names practically sing. Giovanni is the Italian word for John and means ‘God is gracious’.

4. Marco:

Most of the German names sound familiar but have slightly twisted spelling. For example, Nicholas is spelled as Niklas in German. The German name Marco has an exotic, yet robust sound to it. It means ‘warring’. Marco is one of the best baby boy names in the world.

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5. Pierre:

We cannot get enough of French names as they make a great pick if you are looking for a unique name. Pierre is our top pick. It is a version of Peter and means ‘rock’. It will appeal to parents who want a name that is not too traditional.

6. Aarav:

Aarav, meaning ‘wisdom’ and ‘peaceful’, has been the most popular baby boy name in India for the fifth time in a row. The demand for this name has been growing ever since Bollywood actors Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar chose it for their son. Although the star couple brought this name into the limelight, Aarav is a favorite in its own right since it has always been on the top 20 list for several years. Aarav is loved not just in India as it has broken into the top names for boys in the UK as well.

7. Noah:

Here’s a favorite name from Israel. The biblical character Noah, the one who had the ark, is well-known. This formal and strong name has been in the top 10 for eight years now. The 2014 movie about Noah helped this classic name move to the top spot in the 2015.

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8. Liam:

Liam is another favorite with the Irish. It is the edgier and trendier version of the traditional name William. The popularity of Liam also shows that names do not always have to be proper or stuffy. You can also opt for names that feel more like nicknames. Liam Hemsworth is a popular carrier of this name.

9. Mason:

American name Mason is the Jason of the new generation. It is easy to spell and pronounce and has a sturdy and strong feel to it. It got a lease of life when celebs like Cuba Gooding, Kourtney Kardashian, and Ne-Yo named their sons Mason. The meaning of Mason is ‘stone worker’, but you son can be whatever he wants.

10. Jacob:

Before falling spots a couple of years ago, Jacob was the number one baby boy name in Israel. Even after millions of Jacobs, the name is still a solid choice. Even though Jacob has religious roots, it works well for people of different faiths, probably because of its strong consonant. It is versatile too. Jacob could be a straightforward and silent type of guy, or the tough guy Jake.

11. Andrew:

Andrew is one of the most wonderful baby boy names from around the world of all time. It has a timeless style and a universal appeal. It has plenty of possibilities for nicknames too! Call your son Andy when he is young and Andrew when he has turned a teen and Drew when he becomes an adult. Andrew means manly, strong and courageous. And it makes a great middle name too!

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12. Cooper:

The name Cooper comes from the English occupational surname, meaning ‘barrel maker’. James Fennimore Cooper, the American author, is the most famous bearer of this name. He is known for his work ‘The Last of the Mohicans’. Sheldon Cooper can also be credited for its popularity.

13. Jack:

Originally a nickname for John, via the name Jankin, Hebrew name Jack is now a name in its right. And it refuses to go out of style. It was the most popular name in the UK from the year 1995 to 2008. Since then it has been occupying the second spot and shows absolutely no sign of moving down. Jack Sparrow, the lead character from the movie series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is the most popular holder of this name.

14. Thomas:

Thomas is a consistently popular Greek name and has been hovering around the most popular name list for the last few years. It is the Greek form of Aramaic name Teoma, which means ‘twin’. Did you know that Tom Cruise’s real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV? Do you still need any better namesake for Thomas?

15. Muhammad:

Muhammad is a perennial favorite with Arabians. It is derived from the Arabic name Hamid, which means ‘appraiser of God’ or ‘praised’. It has been topping the list for centuries not just in Arabic countries, but also in the UK.

So what do you think is the best and the most attractive male name? Share your choice with us by commenting below!

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