8 Black and White Nail Art Designs With Pictures And Styling Tips

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Black and white is the most loved combination and is always in fashion. This combination always looks goods on everything from your home decor to your outfit or even your nails. Black and white nail art designs go with any outfit and looks very chic.

8 Different Black And White Nail Art Designs

Here I am sharing few of my nail art designs in white and black combination and some other inspirations to get the gorgeous combination on your tips:

Inspiration 1: Polka Dots Nail Art

Black and White Nail Art Designs - polka dots nail art

Polka dots look very classy and chic in Black and white combination. Creating this look is very simple and easy. Just paint your nails black or white and put dots using a tooth pick or dotting tool in alternate colors and seal your design with a top coat. You can add small, big or medium sized polka dots according to your preference. You can even stamp the polka dot nail designs.

Inspiration 2: Stripes Nail Art

Black and White Nail Art Designs - Stripes nail art

Black and white Nail Art Stripes look very pretty. You can put stripes in vertical, diagnal or horizontal position.  How to create this look? Paint your base in white or black and using precision brush or stripper brush, draw lines in whichever position you like. Make sure to keep your hand steady to get straight lines. You can stamp stripes too using stripes template plate. You can put thick or thin stripes according to your preference.

Inspiration 3: Zebra Print Nail Art

Black and White Nail Art Designs - zebra nail art

How about getting the zebra print done on your nails? Zebra print looks very pretty in this color as it is in its natural form. To get this right, paint your nails in white and add fork like alternating stripes (alternate each stripe …..Paint them first left than right and so on). You can stamp this pattern too. This nail art in black and white strips look really chic!

You can add a hint of third color to enhance the beauty of this combination. Hot pink and red looks great with this combination.

Inspiration 4: Glitter Nail Art

Black and White Nail Art Designs - glitter nail art

Layering black glitter nail art polish over white or white glitter polish over black is a good idea to get this Black and white Nail Art combination easily. This method is not only easy but saves your time too.

Inspiration 5: Abstract Design Nail Art

Black and White Nail Art Designs - abstract nail art

Abstract designs looks good in almost every combination but they look best in black and white combination.  I created this design by painting nail in white and then adding a few short strokes and dots in black.

Inspiration 6: Freehand Nail Art

Black and White Nail Art Designs - freehand nail art

Almost every design looks very gorgeous in black and white combination. You can add white flowers over black or vice versa. You can paint butterflies also. In the following picture first I applied my base coat and then sponged some white color starting from tips to just above my cuticles. After white colour dried up, I painted a few black branches on my nail tips and then added some very small black leaves. After this I added a few red dots to my nail art to enhance its beauty.

Black and White Nail Art Designs - freehand nail art design

You can freehand any design using this combination. Like in the above picture, I made henna like pattern with black over white base.

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Inspiration 7: Using Black and White Embellishments

Black and White Nail Art Designs - black and white nail art embellishment

You can add black and white embellishments to get this combination on your tips like I did in this manicure.

Inspiration 8: Miscellaneous Nail Art

Black and White Nail Art Designs - miscellaneous nail art

There are many ways to get this combination on your tips with ease. There are many different techniques you can use along with this combination like you can do newspaper nails, marbling, stamping etc. you can use black stickers over white base or vice versa.

Black and White Nail Art Designs - two tone french manicureAs two tone French manicures are trending you can create those using this combination by painting your nails white and then adding thin tip of black color.

Black and White Nail Art Designs - black and white french manicureYou can use this combination in creating half moon manicure as they are quite hot in 2013.

To conclude the post, I say “be creative”.

Do you love these combinations? Which is your favorite combination? Share your views on this.

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