10 Avon Nail Polish Shades from Simply Pretty range

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Most girls love nail polish designs to experiment with nail colors, but high prices always come in their way. But, with Avon, you get variety (simply pretty and nail wear pro), quantity, widest color collection possible, long lasting power and a good price deal.

Read below to know more on Avon nail polish shades.

Simply pretty range

This range comes of a bit cheaper, at only Rs 65. An easy to apply and long lasting range, it couldn’t get any better.

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Cool coral

Cool coral is a very nice shade suiting any skin tone. A hint of coral makes a daily wear shade, and easy on the eyes.

Avon Nail Polish Shades Simply pretty range

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Cherry red

This bright red is perfect for special occasions. Suits most skin types and gives an outstanding look.

Cherry red for nail
Cherry red for nail1
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Glitter gold

If you are a fan of gold nail color, this is the shade for you. It goes opaque in two coats and shine through.

Glitter gold for nail art

Glitter gold for nail art1


This is a very bright color, more like a shade lesser than neon pink, and has no shimmer. Wear it to make a statement.

Flirty nairl art
Pink crush nail art

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Pink crush is a great substitute for those pricy nude shades. It’s trendy and goes well with everyone.

Pink crush nail art1

Pink crush nail art2

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Mango mania

Mango mania is a mixture of pink and orange. it’s a great substitute to the boring colors on the market.

Mango mania nail art

Mango mania nail art1

Sweet pink

Sweet pink is an off white shade with a slight pinkish touch and shimmers.

Sweet pink nail art
Sweet pink nail art1
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Frosty blue

Frosty blue with shimmers goes well with all occasions. Blue is a season color and frosty blue is anything but a disappointment.

Frosty blue nail makeup

Frosty blue nail makeup1
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Maroon magic

Maroon magic is the classic maroon shade, looks great on all skin tones and is right for any occasion.

Maroon magic nail art

Nail Wear Pro Range

Great colors, quality results and many shades, what more could you ask for.

Aqua fantasy is a new release this year along with 12 other new shades and each one costs your Rs99.

Aqua fantasy

A teal shade with no shimmers, it gives glossy finish. The color pay-off is great and gets you an opaque coverage in 2 coats.

Aqua fantasy for nail
Aqua fantasy for nail1

Collective Swatches

Collective Swatches

Here are the shades again in close up:

shades nail arts1

shades nail arts2

shades nail arts3

I forgot to add the maroon magic one so here is the swatch of it below

maroon magic color nail art

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